Prophecies of Salushen

Halfway Through At The Beginning

The adventurers stand at

Tiddy, Aquiri Ranger and her Labrador companion Marcos
Dolgan, Dwarven cleric of Water
Glarn, Human gladiator
Exxar, Dragonborn fighter
Ricardo, Fire-dominant wizard

They’ve just entered the floating city of Iquara, as it floats upon the waters of Lake Aquiraan. Iquara exists due to a powerful artifact known as the Seal of Orichalcum. It takes anything that can float and sticks it in place, always in relation to itself. The buildings and ships have slowly built up around it to form the second largest city of the Aquiri nation, although most of the ships that have formed the city are now in a mess.

After the partial destruction of their home city, the 5 adventurers have entered the city to look for a possible lead on who was behind the terrible attack. They’ve met with the Rockhold diplomats who have assigned to them a cover: as the winners of the Westgate Arena season they are here to provide a boost to moral for the many Rockholdians living in Iquara. Unofficially, and without the endorsement of the emissaries, they are also here to find 3 families who had run away from Rockhold just days before the attack.

Their first lead was successful and they found Engar Haz, an information dealer, who had heard about the families. He had directed them to hide in a district known as The Weighters, so-called because the ships had taken on a lot of water before they were fixed in place by the Orichalcum. He said that The Weighters was the perfect place to hide because of the drug production kept the guards away, the guards in question having a racial low tolerance to drugs and poisons in general. He said that the families had the means to avoid trouble. He also mentioned that the five children had looked… odd. Distant, perhaps, and not at all like he thought children should be.

Leaving Engar, the cleric detected the presence of an immortal creature and, throwing caution to the wind, unleashed a spell that specifically targeted immortals, demons, and the undead. The spell struck true and the creature (looking for all the world like a human but with red irises) screamed in pain and vanished. 3 half orcs rushed forward to attack the dwarf who assaulted their master but the battle was stopped by the fierce commands of Glarn and Exxar. The half-orcs showed the party their medallions marking them as priests of the Earth, and demanded recompense for the attack. However, they ceased their demands when they realised that Dolgan had uncovered their master’s secret, and forgot the circumstances as long as Dolgan did too.

That night, half of the party (Tiddy, Dolgan, and Glarn) made their way to the gambling establishment The Lady Midday. Alison, the owner, had invited them personally and was pleased to see them. She didn’t take up much of their time but asked them to mingle with the guests, most of whom were Selustrian citizens that night. Dolgan spent most of the time gambling the free 100g Alison had sent them, and Tiddy wandered around looking for… a presence. See, earlier in the day that had seen Alsion walking with a hand outstretched almost as though she were walking with an invisible person. People had walked around an empty space as though someone were there without them realising. Tonight, she attempted to catch sight of the phenomenon again AND DID! A bar stool was empty, and people wandered right past it as though it was occupied. When she walked towards it she felt some mental presence trying to convince her that the space didn’t exist but she fought past it. As the presence began to move, she followed it.

Glarn posed with his axe around this time, an axe composed of water with a tracery of silver around it. Through the poses he could see through the axe and could see the invisible Angel that Tiddy was following. Showing the Angel to Dolgan, Dolgan could ascertain that it was a Good creature. Moreover, Dolgan was confused by the half-elf in the corner with a spiked chain that shone more brilliantly than the sun… and the 12 beings composed of pure shadow slaved to the chain. Interestingly, the spiked chain shined with the same glory as Dolgan’s holy symbol cord… a cord that was known to belong to Raal, the cleric of Fire of the Salushen’s Seven. Eventually Tiddy and Glarn both found that one of the four stairwells leading up was never ever used, but had a glowing symbol only seen through the axe at the top. They headed towards it…

Meanwhile, Riscardo and Exxar made their way to the Flying Island at the behest of the red-irised man. The Flying Island was a gift to Iquara 400-odd years ago from the earth-dominant Genasi. At the centre of the island was a keep, in which the immortal lived. Over dinner at an enchanted table Ricardo entertained the man with a great deal of knowledge of who they were, why they were in the city, and what their future plans were. Eventually the puzzling meeting was concluded and they started to make their way to the casino.

At the same time Tiddy, Dolgan, and Glarn reached the top of the stairs with an alarmed Alison in pursuit. There was a flash of light and suddenly they could see the occupants of a second floor. Humans, with alabaster skin and stranger runes made of light floating uniformly around the tops of their heads. Illumians!! Creatures composed of pure knowledge, gone from Salushen since the age of Legends!

But what were they doing here?

“Sit down, and allow me to explain.” said Alison, her own runes flaring brightly.



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