Salushen's Seven

Salushen’s Seven:

Raal, human Fire priest Chime, Elven Psion Tialath, half-orc fighter Cam, native outsider sorceror Grenado, minotaur (med. size) barbarian Prince Liam, dwarven rogue

Hometown (by birth or by preference) – Garssin

Raal was an orphan, taken in by the village’s church. Tialath was also an orphan who worked for the village in return for food and shelter. Grenado had family back north and was adopted brother to Prince Liam, who had stayed in the village for nearly 20 years. Cam was adopted by his “grandparents”, and Chime had his family in the village.

Day One: the friends explored around the village for whatever was eating the local farm animals and came across the corpse of a villager. They eventually killed the large wolf that had been prowling the village.

Day Two: The 6 learned of an event being held called the Great Race, where would-be adventurers teamed up and tried to complete puzzles and encounters through a large magical maze. As a reward the pastor of the Garssin church paid for them to enter. They chose as their standard a stylised wolf’s head.

Day Four: The Great Race started and the 6 flew into a quick and insurmountable lead. During this time they met Riktor in an opposing team and Tanessa in another.

Day Five: They closed in on the finish line when suddenly there was a massive earthquake. As teams were being recalled and teleported, the 6 found the opening to an ancient ruin which warned them that only the 7 chosen people had the strength to enter… all other would die. Wisely, they left. Being the ones closest to the end, they were declared the winners. Using powerful magic reserved for them as a prize, they restored the devastated town to it’s original state and resurrected all those who had died. At the end of the celebrations Tanessa asked if she could join the group, impressed with the selflessness of the party.

Added: Tanessa, human paladin.

Day Seven: Going back to Garssin, they discovered an elemental circle that was constantly summoning fire elementals who were all traveling in the same direction. They tampered with it and it exploded catastrophically, spreading a mile-wide ring of fire. By sheer miracle they all survived.

Week Two: The group traveled to Rockhold to find out more information on the elemental exodus and Cam found hints about his true parentage. They determined that the elementals were fleeing something that was coming… something that would rock the very foundations of the world.

Week Three: Information led them to the coastal city of Quiran, and there they found that a nearby portal could take them to a place where the elementals were traveling to. During their stay, another massive earthquake struck out at sea, and caused the ocean water to rush into the city, submerging the majority of it. They saved many inhabitants from sahuagin and sharks and then left as the Selustrian guard came in to help.

Going through the portal led them to the city of Rockhold, on a cliff overlooking the city. There were seven standing stones covered in writing, and they remarked in disbelief that no one had chanced upon them before now. The first of the stones read:

_The seven stones of Davshraghel will to you the story tell The ships of flight, the beings of Light Toveil’s path to eternal night._

They had found the secret prophecy of the current Age of Toveil. The prophecy that could only be read by those forseen to save the world from evil. They were the Chosen… the Salushen’s Seven.

But they then read the last line of the Prophecy, stating that the time of the great evil arriving would be when the Prophecy had been read aloud for the first time.

And suddenly above them opened massive portals, and the first fleet of ships from the githyanki invasion force swept down upon Rockhold.

To be continued…

Salushen's Seven

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